Non-contact printing for rubber marking

Non-contact printing for rubber marking

The non-contact printing system for rubber marking in the tire industry REA JET ink-jet printing systems have been under continuous development for over 20 years as a reliable, low maintenance and fl exible solution for industrial printing. This especially applies to operation in extreme environmental conditions such as dust, humidity, vibration, high temperatures and aggressive media. In the tire industry, the extruded green rubber is often continuously marked after extrusion with an individual alphanumeric production code. Coded tracking information, for example the production date, production line and the specifi c material characteristics of the rubber compound can be printed. The REA JET RPS (Rubber Printing System) was developed in partnership with the tire industry, especially for the purpose of printing on green rubber, tread and fabric layers.

The advantages of the REA JET RPS System: The REA JET RPS printing system is used in many tire production facilities, world-wide. It is particularly appropriate for use with naphta-based and waterbased inks which are ideally suited for printing on green rubber, because the integrity of the rubber is not compromised by the print. REA JET RPS systems are based on the proven and patented REA JET print head operating principles, ensuring a high availability with low maintenance costs. The print head and controller are water- and dust-proof (IP 65). The modular structure of the entire system facilitates a simple and fast exchange of system components in the event of a service; this in turn substantially reduces downtimes and therefore also costs.

■ the solvent bases of the formulations bond extremely well to the surface of the green rubber

■ upon request, co-curable inks can be supplied, which can also be used on fabric/inner layers

■ the inks do not harm the tire integrity, as it is almost inseparably bonded with the green rubber during vulcanization.

The advantages of the special TPNF ink used in the REA JET RPS System:

■ as they are integral to the rubber itself, the prints do not leave ghost prints in the mold during the vulcanization process ■ the inks ensure a consistently legible print throughout different production processes, for example extruding, cooling, buffer, cut, tire production and vulcanization

■ the prints on the fi nished tire become an integral part of the tire during production and cannot be wiped off The advantages of the water-based inks used in the REA JET RPS:

■ reduced level of unwanted chemical compounds in the air

■ negligible VOC-content (<2%)

■ easy and safe handling and storage

■ environmentally friendly